Combinatorial Categories in Algebra and Topology

This workshop, jointly organized by the algebra group and the topology group at Universitaet Osnabrueck, concerns prominent indexing categories with applications to interesting problems in commutative algebra and algebraic topology. The prime example sparking our interest is the work of Snowden, Church, Ellenberg and others on GL-structures and FI-modules, which involves variations on categories of finite sets and injections. These occur prominently in algebraic topology whenever algebraic structures up to homotopy have to be encoded. Our aim is to bring researchers with different backgrounds but a common interest in special indexing categories together and catalyze a fruitful exchange. After starting the workshop with a short overview session, we intend to have both research talks and problem sessions, with ample time for discussions.


The workshop will take place from November 22 – 24, 2018 at the University of Osnabrück, Institute of Mathematics, Albrechtstraße 28a, Buildung 69, room 125.

Invited talks




List of Participants



Tim Römer, Oliver Röndigs and Markus Spitzweck


Recommended Accommodation

A limited number of rooms has been set aside at the Intour Hotel until November 1st. Mention the keyword category when making a reservation.